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Sample Questions Of The C1000-091 Free Dumps – Updated C1000-091 Training Materials

Question 1:

When verifying an update to a component, an issue is found.

Which logs can be used to look for causes of the issue in the Cloud Pak for Automation operator?

A. Ansible logs

B. Custom Resource logs

C. Component logs

D. Application logs

E. Operator logs

Correct Answer: AE


Question 2:

When installing IBM Business Automation Studio, what is the difference between an App Engine Playback Server compared to an App Engine Server for production usage?

A. The App Engine Playback Server supports other databases like PostgreSQL or Oracle.

B. The App Engine Playback Server runs embedded in the BAStudio container.

C. The App Engine Playback Server does not contain all features.

D. The App Engine Playback Server does not allow Remote Dictionary Server (Redis).

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

What are two of the Persistent Volumes required for the Content Platform Engine?

A. Mongo and MongoAdmin

B. Content Platform Engine Liberty configuration and Content Platform Engine Liberty logs

C. Data and config

D. Logs and custom plug-ins for IBM Business Automation Navigator

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

Which component provides single sign-on services for IBM Cloud Pak for Automation?

A. Authentication Management Service

B. User Management Service

C. Security Management Service

D. SSO Management Service

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

Which reclaim policy is recommended for enabling manual recovery of data after deletion of a persistent volume claim?

A. Delete

B. Active

C. Retain

D. Recycle

Correct Answer: C


Question 6:

Running the command oc get pods displays the following:

Updated C1000-091

Which command is used to delete this pod?

A. oc remove pod test-pod

B. oc kill pod test-pod

C. oc delete pod test-pod

D. oc terminate pod test-pod

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

Which parameter is used to scale Operational Decision Manager deployments?

A. node count

B. container count

C. replica count

D. podCount

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Flink jobs ingest and process events before storing results in HDFS. Kafka, and Elasticsearch. If no results appear in one of those destinations, it is important to be able to investigate how the job was executed by looking at the logs. Which command can be used to see the logs of the corresponding task managers?

A. oc logs –since=3h -bai-flink ta3kmanager-

B. oc get pods

C. oc describe -bai flink t ask manager-

D. tail -t systemOut.log

Correct Answer: A


Question 9:

Running the command oc get pods displays the following:

Which command is used to run a shell inside the pod?

A. oc telnet test-pod

B. oc rsn test-pod

C. oc terminal test-pod

D. oc shell test-pod

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

When troubleshooting Business Automation Studio, information may need to be extracted from the Resource Registry using a particular REST API.

Which tool can be used to get the output of the REST API?

A. curl

B. git

C. oc get

D. kubect1

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

What is the purpose of the parameter customization .baiEmittersecretRef in the odm_configuration section of the custom resource YAML file?

A. Specify the name of the secret that contains the ODM configuration files required to use the BAI emitter.

B. Specify the name of the BAI configuration label within the custom resource YAML file where ODM will emit events.

C. Specify the name of the secure ingressTopic of BAI where ODM will emit events.

D. Specify the name of the secret with the credentials needed to emit ODM events to BAI.

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

What is a copy of a pod called that already contains a running service?

A. Image

B. Node

C. Replica

D. Cluster

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

What is the Curator cluster logging component used for?

A. It runs in the background to index log messages sent to Elasticsearch.

B. It works with Fluentd to collect logs from containers.

C. It performs scheduled maintenance operations on a global and/or per-project basis.

D. It forwards events to cluster logging.

Correct Answer: A


Question 14:

Why would an administrator issue the command oc get routes?

A. To access a service within an IBM Cloud Pak for Automation component using an OpenShift route

B. To configure an OpenShift route to be used by a service within an IBM Cloud Pak for Automation component

C. To determine the URL to be used to access a service via an OpenShift route within an IBM Cloud Pak for Automation component

D. To test an OpenShift route being used by a service within an IBM Cloud Pak for Automation component

Correct Answer: C

Question 15:

There are currently five different types of cluster logging components. What is the current implementation for the collection component?

A. Elasticsearch

B. Fluentd

C. Grafana

D. Kibana

Correct Answer: B



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