Lead4pass C1000-056 Dumps Updated IBM C1000-056 Exam Training Material – Jan 2023

Lead4pass C1000-056 dumps 2023

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Latest and accurate real C1000-056 exam questions and answers

Question 1:

Which statement is true about shared libraries?

A. If a shared library (A) references another shared library (B), shared library (B) can create a reference to a shared library (A)

B. Static libraries can reference shared libraries but cannot reference other static libraries

C. Integration Projects can reference shared libraries

D. A shared library must be deployed with or before an application that references it

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

How can an MQGet node be configured to read a message from a queue without deleting it?

A. Set the “Copy Message” property to None

B. Check the “Read Only” property

C. Set the “Generate Mode” property to None

D. Check the “Browse Only” property

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

What is one reason to organize resources into applications?

A. It enables all processes using the module to reference the latest versions

B. It enables the ability to reference the resources in an Integration Project

C. It allows for Java and ESQL support in the same message flow

D. It provides runtime isolation of resources

Correct Answer: D

Question 4:

What are two attributes of IBM App Connect Enterprise JDBC pooled connections?

A. Each JDBC connection that is associated with the message flow instance is maintained until the connection is closed.

B. A new JDBC connection is created if the maximum pool size has not been reached

C. Each JDBC connection that is idle for 15 minutes is removed from the pool.

D. A JDBC connection is created on demand for each message flow instance request

E. Each JDBC connection that is idle for 60 seconds is closed and is not associated with a message flow instance.

Correct Answer: AE

Question 5:

What is the file format of resource statistics that are written by resource managers?





Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

What are two mechanisms for storing user permissions to enable administration security on the Web Console?

A. OAuth


C. File

D. Queue


Correct Answer: BE

Question 7:

What are the two purposes of a user trace?

A. Debug message flows and integration servers

B. Provide more information than the administration log

C. Provide flow usage metrics

D. Detect Web-Admin login failures

E. Monitor user activity

Correct Answer: AB

Question 8:

Which prerequisite task must be done before encrypting a connection to an MQTT server?

A. Create a connection from the MQTT server to the SSL server.

B. Configure the Security identity property on the MQTT server to use encrypted message flow.

C. Configure the MQTT server to communicate using JMT encryption.

D. Create a trust store and import the MQTT server public certificate into the trust store.

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

What node category is used to enable integrations running in IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud for performing aggregation-style operations?

A. Messaging Nodes

B. Group Nodes

C. Transaction Nodes

D. Callable Nodes

Correct Answer: B

https://developer.ibm.com/integration/blog/2018/10/08/ibm-app-connect-enterprise-now- supports-group-nodes/

Question 10:

Does the PolicySet editor work with which file format?





Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

The following flow is implemented in an online retailer\’s system to expose a web service that would process new orders and then send shipping request(s) to the shipping carrier. The shipping request messages should be put in a queue in the shipping carrier\’s secured SSL- enabled remote queue manager. What are two ways to set up the SSL connection to the remote queue manager?

real C1000-056 exam questions

A. Configure an SSL-enabled Security Identity by using the mqsisetdbparms command, then use that identity in the MQ Output node properties

B. Check the “Use HTTPS” property in the MQ Output node

C. Check the “Alternate User Authority” property in the MQ node

D. Check the “Use SSL” property in the MQ Output node properties

E. Create and configure an MQEndpoint policy to use SSL and attach it to the MQ Output node

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

On distributed systems, where must the local queue manager be specified in globally coordinated transactions?

A. MQ Header

B. Message Flow

C. JMS Header

D. Integration Node

Correct Answer: D

https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSMKHH_10.0.0/com.ibm.etools.mft.doc/ac04 561_.htm

Question 13:

Which IBM App Connect Enterprise component interacts with version control systems?

A. Integration Server

B. IBM App Connect Enterprise Web User Interface

C. IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit

D. Integration Node

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

When installing IBM App Connect Enterprise for a shared installation on Linux, which group do users needed to be added to in order to gain access to the platform?

A. mqusers

B. mqnodeusers

C. mqbrkrs

D. mqsiadmin

Correct Answer: C

https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSTTDS_11.0.0/com.ibm.etools.mft.doc/bh25992 _.htm

Question 15:

The following flow receives order messages on an MQInput node then uses a Compute node to do some processing and sends MQ messages to two warehouses on two different queues.

real C1000-056 exam questions 15

The compute node routes the message to two MQOutput nodes connected through terminals Out1 and Out using the following SQL expressions. PROPAGATE TO TERMINAL \’out1; RETURN TRUE;

After deploying the flow, the solution developer noticed that the second queue always receives an empty message. To fix this issue, which ESQL expression lines should be used in the Compute node instead?




Correct Answer: D


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