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Latest Lead4pass C1000-065 Dumps

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Free C1000-065 Materials Real Exam Questions and Answers

If you need to check sample questions of the C1000-065 free dumps, go through the Q and As from the C1000-065 dumps below.

Question 1:

Which of the following can result in poor report performance?

A. reports with filters

B. models with outer joins and cross joins

C. queries with database-only processing

D. an optimized metadata model

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

A Conditional format may be set on a List object in a report, generated and processed but is hidden from view.

A. Show/Hide Variable

B. Hidden Variable

C. Render Variable

D. Style Variable

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

In which two ways can a specific visualization in a dashboard be filtered?

A. A developer can only keep or exclude data points within an axis.

B. A developer can create a Calculation within the dashboard that will filter a specific visualization.

C. A developer can also add a local filter to filter a column or to define a filter condition.

D. A developer can build an embedded filter in a data module.

E. A developer can keep or exclude a few data points in the visualization.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 4:

A developer can make a Cognos PowerCube available to end users by creating a package and publishing it. From which three components is this possible?

A. Administration console

B. PowerPlay Client

C. PowerPlay Studio

D. Framework Manager

E. Transformer

F. Microsoft Studio

Correct Answer: ADE c/c_powercubes_ds.html

Question 5:

Where does a developer change which package is marked as the default package in a report?

A. on the package properties

B. on the query properties

C. on the context menu for a package

D. on the report properties

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

A Framework Manager model may be designed to incorporate Dimensionally Modeled Relational (DMR) objects, designed to offer the end user OLAP behavior when navigating dat

A. Which of the following statements is valid when designing DMR structures in Framework Manager?

B. Measures and Dimensions can reside in the same query subject.

C. The DMR structures need to resemble the objects in the star schema.

D. The order of the Determinants drives the hierarchy levels.

E. Each level in a hierarchy must reference a text-based attribute for its caption.

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

After upgrading from Cognos version 10 what needs to be selected in order to create a data module on a data server?

A. Select “Allow web-based modeling” in Cognos Configuration when starting the server

B. Select “Allow web-based modeling” in the Cognos installer when upgrading the server components.

C. Under the Data Server Connection in the Administration Console configuration select “Allow Framework Manager”.

D. Under the Data Source Connection in the Administration Console configuration select “Allow web- based modeling”.

Correct Answer: B

Question 8:

In an Exploration \’Data relationships\’ view, what does the thickness of the lines between data items represent?

A. the statistical strength of the relationship between the data items

B. the flow of information between categories, ie. money transfers between countries

C. the cardinality of one data item when grouped by another, ie. thicker signifies more unique values

D. the weighted average of each measured value compared with other measures

Correct Answer: A ations.doc/ca_explore_relationship_diagram.html

Question 9:

When a developer needs to share dashboard content with another application, the Share option provides which benefit?

A. the ability to export the dashboard to Excel

B. the ability to generate the HTML to create an iFrame and reference the dashboard

C. the ability to export the dashboard directly to SharePoint.

D. the ability to send a notification to a phone

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

When Insights are turned on what is all of the generated outcomes, depending on the visualization selected?

A. Average, Predictive Strength, Fit Line, Meaningful Difference, and most frequent values

B. Average, Standard Deviation, Best Fit values

C. Average, Max, and Min values

D. Top five and Bottom Five values

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

To change the text item in a list column title or the data in the column body of a list object in a report, what first needs to happen?

A. Select the cell and change the data format.

B. Click on the Lock Page Objects icon to unlock the report.

C. Select one of the cells and from the menu click Select Columns Style or Select Columns body style.

D. Select the cell and change the Box Type to None.

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

The default output Format for a report may be set on which of the following two items?

A. Query

B. Visualization

C. Report

D. Report Folder

E. Report View

Correct Answer: A

Question 13:

To create a Layout Component Reference in a report, which object property needs to be provided?

A. Conditional Reference

B. Label

C. Name

D. Render Variable

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

Which is true about creating a context filter for a crosstab report using a dimensional data source?

A. it changes the measure values and the items in the rows and columns

B. it is applied after aggregation and changes the rows and columns

C. it changes the measure values and suppresses zeros

D. it filters only the measure values, not the items in the rows and columns

Correct Answer: C

Question 15:

What advantage does multidimensional report writing have on query maintenance for complex queries?

A. There is no need to use calculations as the data source contains all the required data items.

B. Fewer queries are required and the need for unions of queries is reduced due to the flexibility of MDX.

C. Unions and Joins are always required for queries making it easier for a developer to understand the query intent.

D. There is no advantage and multidimensional query constructs should be avoided.

Correct Answer: B


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