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In an Exploration \\’Data relationships\\’ view, what does the thickness of the lines between data items represent?

A. the statistical strength of the relationship between the data items

B. the flow of information between categories, ie. money transfers between countries

C. the cardinality of one data item when grouped by another, ie. thicker signifies more unique values

D. the weighted average of each measured value compared with other measures


What time-saving feature is available for a developer when developing a new data module using AI intent-based modeling?

A. Specify column dependencies
B. Add new sources
C. Add more tables.
D. Discover related tables.


What is a Layout component reference intended to do in a report?

A. Allow pinned objects to be displayed in a report.

B. Allow reuse of Active Report components with other Active Reports.

C. Allow consumers to use report objects in Dashboards and Explorations.

D. Allow for the reuse of report objects between and within reports for consistency and efficiency.


To create a Layout Component Reference in a report, which object property needs to be provided?

A. Conditional Reference
B. Label
C. Name
D. Render Variable


A dashboard developer notices that Age is available in the sourced data module. A request has been made to \’bucket\’ those age values into 5 groups, Ages 0-6, 7-12, 13-21, 22-55, and 55 and over.

How would one define this logic in the source data module?

A. set range values in the data module
B. use the Create new table feature
C. select the Age column, and select Create data group
D. define a Case. When calculated attributes in the dashboard


Which technique is most likely to improve query performance?

A. Set the auto-sort property to the maximum.
B. Set the detail aggregation to \’Calculated\’ for measures.
C. Avoid functions in filters.
D. Add more joins between queries.


To display HTML report output directly in the body of an emailed report, which of the following is required in the delivery options pane?

A. Select “Attach the report” and leave the email body blank.
B. Select “Save report”.
C. In the email body, choose “Display a report” and follow the dialog box instructions
D. Select “Include a link to the report\’\’


A user complains that the table they\’re using within a data module has too much historical data in it. The user would like to keep the old data available, but when using the table for any new reports would like to see only newer entries based on an \’ Order Date\’ column.
What does the developer need to do to accomplish this?

A. Create a navigation path for the newer entries.
B. Apply a filter to the “Order Date\’ attribute.
C. Create a calculated \’ Order Date\’.
D. Create a copy of the table, and apply a filter to the \’ Order Date\’ attribute.


To change the text item in a list column title or the data in the column body of a list object in a report, what first needs to happen?

A. Select the cell and change the data format.

B. Click on the Lock Page Objects icon to unlock the report.

C. Select one of the cells and from the menu click Select Columns Style or Select Columns body style.

D. Select the cell and change the Box Type to None.


What is the effect of changing the Default measure the property of a Crosstab in a report if a measure is already set by one of the existing edges?

A. the Crosstab values remain the same and the Crosstab comer displays the Default measure\’s name

B. the Default measure replaces the existing measure in the Crosstab edges

C. the Default measure is displayed in the Crosstab intersections

D. an error is produced


When should a dimensional function be used in a report\’s Query calculation?

A. when the data source is a dimensional or dimensionally-modeled data source
B. to allow relative date functions to be performed against a non-dimensional data source
C. to convert a non-dimensional data source into a dimensionally-modeled data source
D. to allow drilling up and down on a non-dimensional data source


A developer may improve the look and feel of a dashboard or story by adding images and shapes from the Widgets panel. Which statement is true when adding widgets to a dashboard?

A. The widgets panel may contain an Image library tab that the administrator made available
B. Images may only be made available by URL reference.
C. Images can be uploaded to the Image through the upload option on the widgets panel.
D. Text widgets may only be positioned vertically or horizontally.


Which statement is true when adding a data source to a dashboard?

A. Framework Manager Packages, Data Modules and Data sets are the only three types of data sources that can be used when creating a dashboard.

B. Only data sources that have been added to a Data Module can be used as a data source.

C. Framework Manager Packages, OLAP Packages, Data Modules, Data sets, and CSV files can all be used when creating a dashboard.

D. Once a data source has been added it can only be removed by deleting all data sources within the dashboard.


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