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Which three of the following are components of an application tab in the IBM Cúram user interface?

A. Application sections
B. Modal dialog
C. Navigation bar
D. Page group navigation bar
E. Shortcuts panel
F. Context panel

Correct Answer: CDF


Which component of the user interface appears on the screen when an action, such as New, Edit, or Delete, is initiated?

A. Pod
B. Action menu
C. Home page
D. Modal dialog

Correct Answer: D


Which three of the following items are workflow activity types?

A. Automatic
B. Route
C. Event
D. Loop
E. Transition
F. Notification

Correct Answer: ABD


In an IBM Cúram Outcome Management assessment, “Primary Caregiver” and “Focus Child” are examples of which concept?

A. Target
B. Nominee
C. User
D. Role
E. Participant

Correct Answer: D


By default, the nominee will be registered as one of the following participant types?

A. Prospect person
B. Person
C. External party
D. Representative
E. Information provider

Correct Answer: B


Which three of the following statements about rate tables are true?

A. They have effective dates
B. They store values for drop-down lists
C. They store application properties
D. They can be cloned
E. They cannot be used by rule sets
F. They store values that can vary over time

Correct Answer: ADF


Which three of the following are valid statuses for a product delivery case?

A. Aborted
B. Rejected
C. Suspended
D. Approved
E. Re-submitted
F. Open

Correct Answer: CDF


Which three of the following are IBM Cúram Verification Engine components?

A. Appeals
B. Case
C. Administration
D. Investigations
E. Participant

Correct Answer: BCE


Which three of the following statements about locations are true?

A. Locations represent the workplaces of the users
B. Each location must have a unique address
C. Locations are organized within a hierarchy
D. Locations are elements within the organization structure
E. Each location can have its own holiday schedule
F. Each location has its own lead position

Correct Answer: ACD


Which three of the following items of information about providers can IBM Cúram Provider Management store?

A. Details of staff performance metrics used by the provider
B. Testimonials about providers submitted by previous participants
C. Details of the professional background and qualifications of staff who work for providers
D. Details of the preferred office locations for provider staff
E. The facilities in which third-party services are delivered
F. Details of the services the provider offers

Correct Answer: CEF


The agency wishes to register a community-based organization (CBO), which will submit applications and supporting documentation on behalf of other participants.
The agency should register this CBO as which participant type?

A. Person
B. Service supplier
C. External party
D. Employer
E. Representative

Correct Answer: E


Which two of the following statements about the IBM Cúram Express Rules (CER) Editor are true?

A. Users of the CER Editor must have a basic knowledge of XML
B. To access the CER Editor, the user logs in to Cúram as a caseworker
C. The CER Editor uses various palettes to enable the user to create rules
D. The CER Editor is a separately licensed Cúram Solution
E. The CER Editor is designed for both business and technical users

Correct Answer: CE


Which two of the following statements about payments received are true?

A. They can be received only from persons
B. Their instruction line items are recorded on payslips
C. All or a portion of the collected money can be allocated to one or more liabilities
D. They may be recorded in a suspense account
E. They must be immediately allocated to an outstanding liability

Correct Answer: AE


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